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Rosemary Common Seeds

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Rosemary requires no introduction because this fragrant herb, which grows as a perennial evergreen shrub with needle-like grey-green leaves and clusters of small, light blue flowers, is widely used in Mediterranean cooking tradition. Despite being very popular throughout Europe as a result of the Roman invasion waves, rosemary’s journey to becoming an established herb was quite long. In Britain, for example, it wasn’t until 1338 that cuttings of the plant were sent as a gift, accompanied by a letter praising its many virtues. In ancient times, the plant was associated with remembrance, memory and fidelity, and it was considered an herb sacred to friendship.

Perfect for both garden enthusiasts and beginners. Purchase for yourself or as a gift.


Quantity 150 seeds.

Seeds are certified standard seeds, nonhybrid, non-GMO.
To assure the best quality and germination, the seeds are packed in thermo-sealed paper bags. Then, each sachet is manually inserted into a folded leaflet made of completely recyclable FSC paper. None of our seeds undergo any chemical treatment before being packed.

Rosemary Common Seeds - Botanic & Wild
Rosemary Common Seeds Sale price£3.50